LBTH Policies

The following policies and procedures have been revised and agreed by LBTH trade unions and professional associations. Your governing bodies should now, if they wish, formally adopt these and bring them to the attention of school staff (either in the staff room or in the school office or on the school’s intranet):


1.            Sickness

2.            Grievance

3.            Managing allegations of abuse

4.            Equality Impact Assessment

5.            Capability

6.            Flexible working + Application form (Appendix 1)

7.            Pay Policy (will be revised in September with new teachers pay)


The Disciplinary and Organisational Change policies remain in draft for the time being whilst final agreement is reached.  They are attached here in their draft format.


Further policies and procedures will be forthcoming with a working party of LBTH HR and representatives of the TUs leading on this.