Additional Services

Our Additional Services Offer

Our member schools have access to our core offer, as detailed in THE Partnership Offer 2021-22, in return for a subscription fee. Membership also gives schools access to our professional learning offer at significantly discounted rates.

In addition, schools are able to purchase a range of additional services that are continually being adapted and enhanced to meet their expressed needs. The range of additional services is detailed in our brochure below.

To support the delivery of these additional services, we make use of our own team, our experienced, quality assured associates and the pool of high-quality leaders already working within our schools.

Primary In-School Support

These packages are available exclusively to our member schools and focus on supporting them to deliver their school improvement priorities by the continued development of staff at all levels.

Other Primary Support

In addition to the Primary Support packages, our Primary Team can offer a range of support for member schools.

Additional Support Services: All Schools

In addition to the support available to primary schools, we are able to offer a range of support for all schools.