Other Primary Support

In addition to the Primary Support Packages, our Primary Team can offer a range of additional support for member schools including:

Bespoke Days

Whether purchased to enhance the Primary Support Packages or to focus on specific areas of school improvement or curriculum development, support days can be purchased in whatever quantity a school requires.

In-School Training

These sessions can be used to introduce new initiatives, or to revisit existing programmes to deepen learning and teaching. For example:

Assessment, data and tracking support and analysis

Providing support for leaders in regards to in-school assessment systems and procedures to ensure real impact on pupil progress.

Parent Workshops

These sessions can be tailored to support sharing teaching and learning with your school community.

They will help strengthen parental engagement and provide insights to parents and carers on teaching and learning strategies within your school community. The workshops will also provide models from which subject leaders can develop their own bespoke workshops.

Examples of workshops include:

Interested schools should contact us to discuss their requirements.

Please contact Alison Gawthrope at [email protected] for further details and enquiries.