Primary In-School Support

As a result of feedback we have received from schools, we have adapted and updated our primary in-school support for 2023-24 to provide even more cost-effective, focused support.

Our Primary Team has an excellent track record in helping schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning and the overall quality of education in primary settings.

The packages below are available exclusively to our member schools and focus on supporting them to deliver their school improvement priorities by the continued development of staff at all levels to ensure excellence in our schools.

Each package has a specific focus but the content and delivery schedule will be agreed in advance to meet the needs of each individual school.  Schools can add additional delivery time to a package subject to agreement on price. Our current packages include:

Subject Leader Development

This package can be used to develop new and/or existing subject leaders. It offers an opportunity to deepen subject knowledge and develop strategic leadership to drive forward improvements.

Typical activities will include:

Teacher Development

This package can be used to develop teaching and pedagogy in the classroom. It will support teachers to deliver effective teaching, learning and assessment.

Typical activities will include:

Support Staff Development

This package can be used to develop support staff to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. It will help improve their subject knowledge and confidence when working with groups of pupils.

Typical activities will include:

Lesson Study

This package aims to improve quality first teaching and it will impact on outcomes in the classroom.

      Typical activities will include:

Moderation Package

This package can be used to secure understanding of the standards within English and mathematics.

It will support accurate teacher assessment and the development of next steps.

For an individual school or cluster of schools, typical activities will include:

Because of the bespoke nature of the packages, interested schools should contact us to discuss their requirements.

Please contact Alison Gawthrope at [email protected] for further details and enquiries.