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Pupils & Staff

Staff and pupils have the same basic healthy eating knowledge and excitement about food and the lunch menu.

PUPILS – Fruit & Vegetables

 Primary Food Projects

Six food projects, one for each year of primary school, delivering learning about healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from.  (Food a Fact of Life)

 TastEd Resources

Access a bank of free resources including training videos and at least five lessons for every year of primary school to encourage the exploration and enthusiasm of basic fruits and vegetables.  (Taste Ed)

 Eat Them To Defeat Them Resources

A multi-award-winning campaign to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables.  Many resources for families, schools and caterers whilst waiting for the next campaign to start.  (Eat Them to Defeat Them)


PUPILS – Food Swaps

 Scan, Swipe, Swap Assembly

Help KS1 and 2 pupils discover what’s in their food and drink and make healthier swaps using the NHS Food Scanner app.  (NHS)

 Scan, Swipe, Swap Activities Toolkit

Interactive curriculum-linked toolkit of ideas to teach pupils about healthy eating and the NHS Food Scanner app.  (NHS)


PUPILS – SEND – Food Education

 Food & Nutrition Resources

Resources to support the teaching and learning of food and nutrition with children and young people with additional needs, covering key themes of Healthy Eating, Cooking, and Where Food Comes From.  (Food A Fact of Life)


PUPILS – SEND – Lunchtime

 Lunchtimes for Pupils with Autism

How to make lunchtimes successful for pupils with autism.  (Beacon)


STAFF – Support Teaching

 Primary Food & Nutrition

Professional development programme designed to support high quality food and nutrition teaching in UK primary schools.  The aim is to build confidence and competence in teaching food and nutrition.  Many free training videos for teachers are available under “Training”.  (Teaching Primary Food & Nutrition TPFN)


STAFF – Lunchtime Staff

 Building the Lunch Team

Basic guide on the importance of building your lunch team, from recruitment (including template job description and job advert), how to build the team, communication within the team and dealing with behaviour in the lunchtime.  (Hampshire Healthy Schools)