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The Tower Hamlets Oracy Hub is entering its fourth year as a collaborative of teachers and schools working together to raise the profile and improve the quality of oracy education across our borough. We feel passionately that all children in Tower Hamlets should have the opportunity to develop high quality spoken language and communication skills. We know that talk can enrich learning and improve outcomes across the curriculum.

We meet on a termly basis to develop and grow oracy practice within and across our schools.

"The increased focus on oracy has had a transformative impact on our children at our School. Children in all year groups are speaking with greater confidence, more able to engage in conversation and visibly enjoying their learning."

- Mark Butcher, Vice Chair of Governors, Cubitt Town Junior School

"I used to feel nervous talking in front of the whole class, but oracy lessons have helped me and now I enjoy talking and feel proud about it. It's made me more confident."

- Year 3 pupil, Canon Barnett Primary School

"Children have grown in confidence, are more critical in their thinking and better understand the importance of speaking and listening when they present to peers and adults. Oracy is a game changer. I am so glad that we teach it."

- Darren Rubin, Executive Head of Schools, St John's Bethnal Green & St. Paul's Whitechapel CE Primary Schools

"Teaching oracy is brilliant! It means that spoken language development isn’t left to chance, instead planned for and made a joyful focus of everything we do in the classroom, with plenty of opportunities for practise and structures in place to support every child to find their voice."

- Jane Scott-Gall, Class Teacher, Marner Primary School

Tower Hamlets Oracy Award

We have created a document to act as a roadmap to developing a whole-school approach to oracy. It provides a step-by-step approach based on existing best practice. Our aim is to use this award as a vehicle for improving provision of oracy education across Tower Hamlets.

The purpose of this award is to:

  • Provide a clear framework for schools to develop their provision of oracy teaching and learning
  • Provide a structure to enable schools to audit their practice and locate next steps
  • Recognise and celebrate good practice

The award is divided into criteria for bronze, silver, and gold accreditation and remains valid for three years, at which point a review will take place to ensure the criteria are still being adhered to. During this time schools may also decide to apply for the next level of accreditation.

We are proud to share we now have six bronze award primary schools and one silver primary within our hub and look forward to awarding more this academic year.


Cayley Primary School
Harbinger Primary School
Marner Primary School
Olga Primary School
St Paul's Way Foundation School
The Clara Grant Primary School


Cubitt Town Primary School


As a collaborative hub, we produce and share resources.



Reading Materials

Last year we worked with David Reedy on ‘Talk for teaching and learning: the dialogic classroom’. David Reedy and Eve Bearne have produced a book on this which summarises research on dialogic talk for learning, teases out practical implications and provides examples of classroom practice offering suggestions for modelling and demonstrating language structures that support different types of talk for learning in a range of curriculum areas. Each section ends with suggestions for reviewing and developing practice. Copies of book can be purchased on the UKLA website.

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Reading materials we have shared as a Hub



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