Overcoming the Gaps

Overcoming the Gaps Survey

School leaders have worked tirelessly this term to lead and manage their schools in incredibly challenging times. At the same time as managing sanitisers, bubbles, zones, lunches, hybrid models of learning and staff and pupil absence, headteachers have also been expected to make up for months of lost learning.

We are supporting our headteachers by sharing the approaches some of our schools are taking to help pupils overcome gaps in learning resulting from their extended and ongoing absences from school. The report below was compiled from the results of our ‘Overcoming the Gaps’ survey and we are grateful to all those headteachers that took the time to complete it.

To accompany this report, we have produced a series of reports on learning and teaching in primary English, Mathematics and Science in the autumn 2020 term. At a time when schools were trying to pick up the pieces from the extended period of lockdown as well as managing the ongoing challenges of blended learning, we wanted to help teachers find and share ways of helping pupils overcome gaps in their knowledge and understanding. These reports share our findings and approaches to addressing the gaps in English, Mathematics and Science in Years 1, 2 and 6, including the outcomes from discussions, commentaries, and examples of work from the schools that participated in our year-group training days.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 6

Remote Learning

As part of our series of reports relating to the impact of Covid-19, we have also disseminated the findings from our peer review project on remote learning. This captured the key findings from reviews of remote learning provided by some of our peer review clusters. The report and other useful remote learning articles are available on our Remote Learning page.