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Online Learning Directory

This pandemic has impacted on all of us on a personal and professional level in a way that none of us could have predicted even two months ago. There have been a host of challenges for us to overcome or manage and we have stated from the outset that this is likely to come in various phases. As we start the summer term in unique circumstances, we have come out of the first phases of crisis leadership and are now moving into the next phase where we need to helicopter above the noise and return to being strategic and considering the future we want to create.
As part of this next phase of school leadership many of you have been asking for support with remote professional learning. Even a cursory Google search can threaten to overwhelm you and your staff with the plethora of options out there. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities but trying to build a strategy around who does what and why is more challenging.
In producing the THEP Online Professional Learning Directory we have done our best to bring together a range of online learning for staff from all that is out there and attempt to categorise it into a more user-friendly format. It isn’t possible to quality assure all of it so we have tried to triangulate as best we can by asking for recommendations from trusted colleagues, using trusted sources and reading reviews where they are available. We have also asked our own THEP team for their input based on their specialist knowledge.